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Do You know About Bone Bruise?

Bone bruise is an injury situated of course at the bone under our muscles inside a compartment; it is somehow related to a bone fractures. Bruises like subcutaneous affects right beneath the skin, intramuscular bruise affects directly to the muscles and periosteal bruise or bone bruise is the most painful injury and is often mistaken as a bone fracture.  

Causes of Bone Bruise:

Bone bruising is caused by a blunt trauma, an accidental collision typically hard impact to the bones. The outer layer of the bone is damaged, usually with a series of small fibers break, but the bone itself has not been fractured. Although the injury itself is relatively minor the damage and effects is extremely painful.

Bones are unified with several fibers; calcium fills in the space between these interconnected fibers, if you unfortunately hit something hard, these fibers breaks and causes further leakage of the contents inside between them. When few fibers break it causes a bone bruise but when a lot of fibers break during the impact then it leads to bone fractures

Symptoms of Bone Bruise:

Bruised bone can be tremendously a painful situation. Swelling and suffering on the part of injury is a common symptom of bruised bone. In some cases you will discover skin discoloration; your skin would appear reddish or purplish and felt tender when touch. You won’t be able to continue moving like the usual movements particularly on the affected area.

Treatment for bone bruises:

Bruised bone may take a little longer when healed. The inflammation and skin discoloration would be cured in a days or week, but continuously you can still felt the pain inside.  In some isolated cases, the healing might take even a year. Please take this few and simple suggestion for bone bruise treatment.

first you must know the status of the injury by having an x-ray vision remember that bone bruise is hard to identify even on x-ray but it can surely identify and confirm whether there is a fracture or not. This action will help your doctor what to prescribe for further treatment.

If you are certain about the status of the bruise especially if there’s no fracture, then the following remedies can be applicable on this situation. Iced cold packs will help stop the pain and prevent from further bleeding and swelling; it helps the reduction of redness by lessening or preventing the blood from clotting.

It’s better to elevate the affected area a little to minimized the bleeding inside and take rest by abstaining yourselves from unnecessary movement to prevent further damage, follow up with hot compress to help your body restore the loss or damage fibers and stimulate good blood circulation. In case of fractured bones your doctor will recommend an immediate operation.

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