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What Cause Bruising Comes for No Reason?

Bruises can be distinguished by its appearance like visible marks and discolorations or bleeding below the skin surface. It also depends on how the incident occurred or how severe the damage might have been. There are some reasons why bruising might occur for no obvious intention, like aging, excessive use of  blood thinning pills also bring bruising without evidence, even though blunt trauma didn’t arise.

What can be the closest roots that bruising might occur for no purpose? There can be questions in your mind like, how on earth did I ever have this bruise? Technically you are anxious where did it come from, but most common outcome is that they have all forgotten what happened. We might suggest that some partaken therapeutic consumptions might have reformed the movements of the platelets and blood components which are vital in blood clotting.

Platelet Complications

People are commonly alarmed when bruises occur especially for no apparent reasons; this is because bruising in the other hand might be an indication of a severe and more serious upcoming disease. This platelet complication defines platelets that aren’t functioning properly, this is one cause that many people find confusing on why did they get a bruise without injury. Two types of diseases are common when platelets are in struggle, one is Leukemia and another is chronic diseases. It’s better to consult your doctor to let you know if your platelets are in good count.

Malfunctions with clotting issues

Another factor that we can identify why bruising occurs is blood clotting factor abnormalities. This might happen if blood clotting won’t interact with one another in a harmonious manner, that’s why blood might clot improperly. Genetic deficiencies in clotting factors will occur on conditions such as liver disease or pregnancy can alter these factors giving rise to bruising without obvious injury. Another cause of unexplained bruising is the lack of vitamin C.

Bruising with no reason also becomes more common when you age, as the capillaries become more fragile and the skin becomes thinner. If bruising persists you will also be experiencing bleeding gums and nose bleeds or any internal disorders that bruising can be link with.

What manner of prescriptions literally causes easy bruising?

There are three conjoint types of prescriptions that usually increase the chances for getting a bruise first is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatments, aspirins, and Warfarin.  Even natural increments namely; fish oils, gingko, ginger, and garlic can obviously cause bruising but in a slight trauma. Most of this foods or supplements are composed of blood thinning effects that can easily cause bleeding inside or under the skin. Also prednisone can start bruising, without cause. Your doctor knows best so better refer to them about your prescriptions.

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