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Periosteal Bruising

Bruising are probably a very common injury for athletes, it is an injury of blood vessels beneath the skin that usually leaks to surrounding tissue and forms a bruise. Normal bruise heals by itself naturally. According to some health experts there are several types of bruises that can be easily complicated.

Subcutaneous bruise – This bruise is so communal and appears to be an outcome of a quick accident. These bruises usually the most minor, least painful, and shortest lasting, some subcutaneous bruises do not hurt much at all, and people can’t even remember injuring themselves.

Intramuscular Bruise – This bruise can prevent you from moving for it gathers lot of blood inside a muscle compartment and may hinder with the muscle’s function that cause much pain. Depending on the severity treatment will vary while your body reacts the damage subsequently.

Deep Bruises – This bruise runs many blood gathered around the muscle compartment. Added to that, the more blood that leaks the more painful it should be. A deep bruise is considered a serious bruise for it penetrates even up to bones and broke some fibers.

After an Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) a player or athlete will develop a bruise right away. Some health specialist says that you can have bone bruising even if you don’t really break a bone. If few fibers broke during the injury bone bruise will then develop but when lot of fibers broke during the impact there is a great possibility of a bone fractures.

Often times the bruise as we notice will appear mostly in thighs or in the arms whether from sport or by accidents. A player of football or hockey suffers a bone bruise even do they wore gear for protection it’s because of repeated bump or impact to another player that they will notice every after the game over.

If the upper arm bones are bumped excessively this can cause problems to the muscles or bones, probably bruises will come after the game. When lot of fibers broke during the impact bone fracture occurs and this extremely painful situation.

If unfortunately bruised whether from an accidental injury or through sports, you must remember this before going so far. Stay calm and the first aid to think is ice cold packs to minimize the bleeding inside and stop the pain right then. Avoid moving the injured part and elevate as well to let your muscle rest.

After 12 hour of resting you may follow it up with hot compression, this process now will help your muscles regain back the strength by rejuvenating itself through heat or warm compress. If you wish fast relief repeat the process with more patience.

In case of continuous pain and swelling buy over the counter medicines for emergency and immediate cure, this is recommended by doctors for instant relief of pain and stops further inflammation. Don’t take aspirins or any similar analgesics for these are blood thinning pills that make you bruise more often.

The procedure should continuously and patiently be applied with 5 minutes interval so to obtain faster recovery and be able to get back into action quickly without hesitation or embarrassment from peoples curiosity. Proper treatment must carefully observe to help reduce and minimize the discomfort and inflammation.

You can seek a Doctor’s advice or help if your injury gets worsen after 24 hours of repeated medications and still no progress is achieved. Do not listen what others say about curing once bruise since they are not authorized practitioners, only doctors know the best medicine according to your needs.

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